Purchase Terms & Conditions

Here at Ellenvale Interiors we have the following conditions which need to be checked and reviewed before purchase, any breaches of our terms and conditions may results in closure of accounts. Our terms and conditions are in place to protect our brand and customers.

The use of our images

The only images available for use and copy are those on our site with white/cream backgrounds where only the product is present, any lifestyle images are not available for use. Images from our retail site www.ellenvaleinteriors.com are strongly prohibited from use.

Selling platforms

As a trade site we promote the selling of our products in independent stores and online shops. Unfortunately we do not allow our products to be sold on online market places such as Etsy, Amazon, Wayfair & Ebay. This rule is in place to protect our brand.

Brand name

Although the majority of our products are none branded, our brand name can be used when promoting/showing products.

Our retail site

Ellenvale Interiors are a brand which operate from our retail site www.ellenvaleinteriors.com. The use of any imagery/content/descriptions/themes from our retail site is strongly prohibited and will result in account closure.